What you want to say, how you want to say it, who you want to say it to. Whatever business you’re in, you need to communicate. Whether you’re talking to potential customers, showing them what you provide, speaking to your existing employees or engaging new people, the team at IntAd can objectively advise and creatively help you to achieve all this.

Founded in 1977, and formerly known as International Advertising Solutions LLc, we specialise in providing recruitment, employee and broader marketing communications services to a wide range of clients across most industry sectors. We do so with an open and honest approach to our capabilities; a lack of hierarchy and formal process, plus a genuine enthusiasm to achieve positive results for our clients.

The recent name change to IntAd reflects the flat structure and strong team approach that we have within the business, the close working relationships that we have with our clients and with other partners across the media and beyond. IntAd also reflects the cohesive range of products and services we can advise on and provide, where all the pieces fit in a logical place, and the offering is clear, unambiguous, together.

We are a full service agency who can supply everything from promotional gifts right up to a complete advertising and marketing strategy. No matter what you budget we can help. With a selection of trusted partners with whom we have developed relationships over many years, we are ideally suited to servicing your every need at a price that makes sense and delivering outstanding results.