any organisations in our sector have brought a wide range of complementary recruitment, human resources and broader marketing services in-house to supplement their core offering. Not only is our house not big enough to accommodate this approach, but we do not believe this is necessarily the right way to offer clients additional support.
Instead we have developed partnerships with a number of organisations and individuals, all of whom we would trust to introduce to any of our clients, should we spot a need. There are often more than one in each area allowing us to choose the most suitable, and so we can act as independent adviser with no vested interest other than assisting with a particular need that sits outside our own areas of expertise.
These services include:
• Broader HR consulting
• Search and selection
• Response and assessment
• Research and planning
• Public relations
• Online candidate management
To discuss any of these, please contact Colin Barnett on 07984 149932 or [email protected]

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